It is important to maintain oral health of our children, so we have to remind them to brush their teeth for 3 minutes after each meal, to thereby prevent caries.

The cause infections in teeth and enamel are destroying them, and this destruction is increased if you consume foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates.

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Reasons for The Lack of Dental Health among Hispanics

    Recently conducted a survey titled “Hispanics Open Up About Oral Health Care” led by the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) and was sponsored by the Crest® and Oral-B Procter & Gamble (P & G ). ? According to statistics, 65 percent of Hispanics experienced at least one dental health problem in the last year, compared with 53 percent of the general population.
     The survey revealed that in addition to lack of knowledge, the high costs of professional care, language barriers and cultural differences, are in addition to many Hispanics have good dental health obstacles.? An alarming fifty percent of the Hispanic population, believes that dental visits are not really necessary provided they perform good oral care.

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Good Food For Dental Health

The nutrients found in vegetables fruits vegetables and nuts improves the body’s ability to fight bacteria and inflammation and help protect your teeth and gums. Certain foods really help them protect teeth from tooth decay in a special way.

Fresh Blueberries: Recent studies have shown that fresh blueberries can help prevent bacteria from forming plaque which damages teeth.

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Check using the voucher government dental health

Then came the time! The promise of dental coverage for adolescents between 12 and 18, made ​​by President Sebastián Piñera in his report to the country in May, is now a reality.
The issue is not minor when you consider that according to the National Health Survey conducted in 2010, 17.8% of the population say they have never visited a dentist and that of the 620 thousand beneficiaries guys have caries 70% and 25% requires endodontics.

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Dental Health

We understand dental health all things related to the proper functioning and good health of the mouth, emphasizing teeth, teeth, tongue and gums. A very important aspect to consider is that digestion begins in the mouth with which a basic source for the health of the whole organism. In addition to face to our physical presence there is nothing more horrible than having a mouth bad or unpleasant breath, so it is very important to take care how we care any part of our body, and therefore we must do it regularly, as advised a specialist, especially infusing the smaller its importance.
The mouth well maintained main source of health

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Training Diet Running

Before starting the training table itself, you have to be clear about several concepts, that is the basis of aerobic training to lose weight, it came with the progress:
* Consistency: For me the most important, is useless to train two days and three no. The tenacity and regularity is the key compromises your body a daily workout, come a time that you will do as routine with little effort.
* Power: Training must be accompanied by a healthy meal, your coaching may be the best in the world but it goes right with a good diet where you deprive yourself of sweets and other excesses will ever get goals.

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