Sports drinks cause tooth problems

Sports drinks are quite effective with respect to rehydration after sports activity, but on the other hand are bad for our teeth, as some experts say can cause erosion of the enamel that coats our teeth.

He reaches this conclusion by a study conducted by the International Association for Dental Research in Miami, where submerged teeth cow, which are similar to those of humans, in various brands of drinks which are used after physical activity.

Were immersed for a period of 75 to 90 minutes to simulate the time of consumption that a person makes, and these caused a weakening in the dentin, and some caused serious stains.

The problem with these drinks is that they are very acidic and when we used to take it consistently produced a real risk of corrosion and erosion of tooth dentin especially when we discovered necks.


The snuff can cause gingivitis

The damage that snuff has on health is public knowledge and now are taking measures to which society learns now found that people who smoke are at higher risk for gingivitis.

This is a disease in which bleeding gums, which is the first symptom of periodontitis, which is the loss of bone that supports the teeth occurs.

Scientific studies have concluded that the risk for inflammation and bleeding in these tissues are much higher in patients who smoke.

Cigarette tar acts as an irritant and nicotine produces a significant reduction of the gingival microcirculation, which generates the loss of vitality of gingival epithelial areas where blood circulation is terminal.


Canker sores appear as erythematous erosion of borders and whitish center, 3 to 5 mm. diameter at the inside of the cheeks and lips, soft palate, floor of the mouth or tongue edges.

These self-healing between 7 and 10 days, keep in mind they are very painful in the acute phase of three or four days, which interferes with feeding or speech.

We leave the ratings of thrush:

Aphthous minor:

Ulcers of a size between 1 to 10 mm, about 5 mm.
Are given in number of 1 to 5.
They exhibit a halo of erythema around it.
Lasts between 7 to 10 days.
They are not very painful.
Displayed on the nonkeratinized oral mucosa, lips, cheeks and tongue area.
Present in 80% of cases.

Aphthous stomatitis more:

More than 10 mm, but can be smaller.
They appear in number 1 or 2.
Erythema peri ulcerar variable.
Last 2 weeks to several months.
Occur at the edge of the tongue, mouth or soft palate
They are very painful, making it difficult for food.
Leaving scar heal.
They occur in 10-12% of cases.

Aphthous stomatitis herpetiformis:

Size from 0.5 to 3 mm.
Appear being 5-100.
They are round, but take irregular shapes.
They last from 1 week to 2 months.
Are presented in the inner lip and the underside of the tongue.
They can be very painful.