Reasons for The Lack of Dental Health among Hispanics

    Recently conducted a survey titled “Hispanics Open Up About Oral Health Care” led by the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) and was sponsored by the Crest® and Oral-B Procter & Gamble (P & G ). ? According to statistics, 65 percent of Hispanics experienced at least one dental health problem in the last year, compared with 53 percent of the general population.
     The survey revealed that in addition to lack of knowledge, the high costs of professional care, language barriers and cultural differences, are in addition to many Hispanics have good dental health obstacles.? An alarming fifty percent of the Hispanic population, believes that dental visits are not really necessary provided they perform good oral care.

In addition, one in five Hispanics have not visited a dentist in the past two years. This is partly due to the fact that many do not have dental insurance. The data indicate that approximately fifty percent of Hispanics living in the United States has no insurance to cover this need.

• In the survey, many Hispanic participants gave their point of view with regard to improving the state of your dental health. Most believe that having more information in their communities about good dental health habits, lead to better care.

Hispanic Participants in the survey also highlighted that access to affordable dental health and the presence of more dentists who speak Spanish would be useful.? “This survey identified key gaps that can help provide the community a starting point concrete to move from information to action, “said Dr. Ivan Lugo, DMD, MBA and P & G spokesman.?


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