Dental Health

We understand dental health all things related to the proper functioning and good health of the mouth, emphasizing teeth, teeth, tongue and gums. A very important aspect to consider is that digestion begins in the mouth with which a basic source for the health of the whole organism. In addition to face to our physical presence there is nothing more horrible than having a mouth bad or unpleasant breath, so it is very important to take care how we care any part of our body, and therefore we must do it regularly, as advised a specialist, especially infusing the smaller its importance.
The mouth well maintained main source of health

Dental Health As already discussed, the sensitivity in teeth and gums, tooth decay and other infections that are generated in the mouth to prevent us people to eat, chew or drink normally, which directly affects the calorie and nutrient supply to the body human, with which we can have serious problems as a result..
Common problems

Cavities, for example, are the most common infections in diseases that are generated in the mouth. The formation of these is annoying and occurs due to poor hygiene and the ingestion of too many acid products that cause tooth decay.

Periodontal problems, which are developed in the gum, including gingivitis, result from the swelling thereof due to poor dental hygiene therefore the growth of pathogens in the mouth. His worst result is falling teeth.

Cavities one of the most common problems

another major drawback is the dental erosion, which is caused by the destruction of the tissues that form teeth. This problem generates hypersensitivity intake of food or drink in extreme temperatures (either hot or cold). Brushing regularly with pasta with a high level of fluoride can contribute to the eradication of dental erosion.

Other problems associated with age, the wear of the teeth by friction, due to age or loss of parts that force abnormal friction between the upper and lower and deteriorate beyond repair. To solve this problem we must go to a dentist with the help of a dental technician can place the pieces correctly.
Most known causes of dental problems

Sugar is one of the main causes of dental problems in their intake without control. Children are most suffering from the problem of caries due to indiscriminate consumption of sweets, chocolates and products that have a very high sweet burden.

Lack of proper dental hygiene with brushing three times a day from the teeth, and tongue, and not flossing, is one of the factors that most influence have poor dental health.

Some continuous medical treatment, such as the use of certain antibiotics, may also be risk factors.

The flossing helps with the health of our recorder it convenient to make a frequent visit to a dentist you trust to avoid any condition that might be generated inside the mouth, which may negatively impact on the rest of the human body . We know that many people get panicked go to the dentist, but we assure you that today, with the use of new techniques and more advanced knowledge, we should not jeopardize our health by unwarranted fear.


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