Check using the voucher government dental health

Then came the time! The promise of dental coverage for adolescents between 12 and 18, made ​​by President Sebastián Piñera in his report to the country in May, is now a reality.
The issue is not minor when you consider that according to the National Health Survey conducted in 2010, 17.8% of the population say they have never visited a dentist and that of the 620 thousand beneficiaries guys have caries 70% and 25% requires endodontics.

The requirements and how to use this coverage

-The first is to be between 12 and 18 years.
-The dads of teens should be contributors Fonasa and belong to sections B, C and D.
-Not all dental treatments can use this coverage, it is made exclusively for sealing (fillings) and endodontics.
-The Shutter Bono includes oral health examination, radiography, fillings for one or more teeth and oral hygiene.
-The canal treatment or endodontics Bono considers the oral health examination, radiography, endodontics any piece and a shutter.
-The coverage shall be 40% and shall be effected by an Associate Program Diagnosis (PAD).
-The PAD consists of a basket of care for fillings of cavities will have a value close to 98 thousand dollars and root canals will be 110 pesos.
-Dentists with validly recognized degree may enroll as providers in Fonasa for these attentions.
-A register of providers is also enabled on the web site Fonasa that facilitate users’ information.
-If the youth is already in treatment and enrolled in Fonasa dentist, you can ask the professional who treats you under this program to make use of cover
-This dental coverage is payable master in Fonasa has one last detail, Isapres must grant the same benefit.


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