Weekly Plan To Lose Weight and Get Fit

Today we offer a weekly schedule to lose weight and get fit. Only we have focused on physical activity, it goes without saying that we should accompany this planning with a healthy and balanced menu. We have chosen three sports: swimming, cycling and running, which is easy to practice now in summer.

At first we divide this weight loss plan between morning and afternoon, but if you do not have time to do it no problem at all in the morning or afternoon. We have not specified the strength to do the activities, will depend on the level of each, but should not be a rather high average intensity that allows us to finish without too much fatigue.

We will do 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity daily, except Sunday, we’ll leave for total relaxation. This will mean weekly caloric expenditure increase about 20%, very important for those you want to lose weight and volume perfect aerobic activity to get in shape push.

The order of exercises is designed to not overload her legs, especially on career there, most traumatic activity to be done. Once completed the first week we continue with the routine 10% increasing the workload every week or doing activities with greater intensity.

Although it is difficult to make a general plan for everyone, this can be a good basis to start example, especially to reduce overweight and start acquiring a good base of fitness. As always, any questions you may have or contribution can view the article in the comments.


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