Training Diet Running

Before starting the training table itself, you have to be clear about several concepts, that is the basis of aerobic training to lose weight, it came with the progress:
* Consistency: For me the most important, is useless to train two days and three no. The tenacity and regularity is the key compromises your body a daily workout, come a time that you will do as routine with little effort.
* Power: Training must be accompanied by a healthy meal, your coaching may be the best in the world but it goes right with a good diet where you deprive yourself of sweets and other excesses will ever get goals.

* The basis for weight loss is not running train as hard as possible (contrary to what many think) but train well and follow the guidelines as indicated. For instance the difference between running at 150 to 170 beats or do can take to lose weight 800 grams per week or lose weight only 400 grams.

The plan that I put below is based on two months since it is an initial training plan, however I comment something that is not you can ignore: if you’ve never run, this is not your training the only thing you will achieve is lesionaros or no results; if it is the first time that you run better start this other plan to start running and once you reach the third month of training, come back here and start this training diet running.

* Guidelines for training:

. 1) All training sessions take prior heating to run 5-10 minutes.

. 2) if you will look closely at the table all third days also involve the smooth ride make straight-forward, ie get in a line of approximately 100 meters and gradually increase speed gradually until almost butt end.

. 3rd) The workouts are performed on alternate days.

. 4th) Smooth Running is the equivalent of 150-155 beats not happening in any case of 160 beats. Running to lose weight does not miss going very fast, but fat is lost if we go to these keystrokes for longer reverse.

Optional Council ** I give if you have overweight is very important to run with a running shoe adapted to your weight if you can not take risks and suffer knee injuries, etc.

. What is the order you should get through the month? That your body will gradually changing the way your metabolism and eating habits. If all goes well come a time when you want to eat will not be a problem for you, but of course that takes time and training, are you willing to challenge?


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