Obama Care Health Insurance

On October the six-month period begins registration for health insurance that will cover the basic health services, as required by the Act Patient Protection and Affordable Care (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), what otherwise, people over 18 who should have medical coverage and not have it, will be fined.
Obama Care Health Insurance In the state of California was created the government body called Covered California. Its function is to contact insurers and clients and also facilitate the process of obtaining insurance most suitable for each individual or family, as there is federal financial assistance in the form of grants, as well as support through the Medi-Cal .

The goal, according to Obama Care raises is that the greatest number of legal residents have access to health care through insurance will be mandatory from the first of January 2014 after approval by health law given by the President Barack Obama, each state independently decided how they will implement the law.

In California there are 12 insurance companies that offer health premiums or premiums, ie, the type of insurance according to the needs of the individual. Of those insurers six operating in Los Angeles County: Health Net, Blue Shield of California, LA Care Health Plan, Anthem Blue Cross, Molina Health Care and Kaiser Permanente.

Looming Log Home

The process of obtaining health insurance starts from 1 October this year to March 31, 2014, at the conclusion of the first round of registration. The Obama Care law comes into force on January 1, 2014 As of this date, people over 18 must have private health insurance or public

After March 31 next year, you can receive registration requests from people facing special situations such as having lost their job (by not having health insurance from your employer) have divorced, or because he was born a new member of the family, among other special whose registration is open.


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