Nutrition Facts Of Kids

Gourmet Cristina Duch Duch Gels and nutritionist are directors of Nutritional Support Group (GAN), an organization dedicated to disseminating information on healthy eating. Thus, avoid obesity problems with food related, both our children and ourselves diseases.

How can we educate our children to have a balanced diet? What do we do if they have a food allergy? What recipes can use for the whole family to have a balanced diet? What foods to avoid? All these questions are answered in the book “I want more!” Provides clear information on nutrition, and nearly 100 easy recipes and balanced solve more than one headache for the planning of menus all week.

During his visit to Chile, talked with his co-author, Gels Duch, who gave us some tips for our children relate to healthy eating.

When a child refuses to eat a certain food, is the main error of the mothers would not insist that they eat it?

Of course, the main problem is that you just said. Nobody is born knowing, the flavors are all new and strange. Our taste is immature; then, a few kids like all the first time I tested, only the very greedy. The vast majority are accustomed should educate your palate, not once, but several times. Think how many times you tell a child brushing teeth, how many times a day, for many weeks, months, years. No doubt that if we did this insistence to “eat the fish,” safe in the end the child takes the habit and likes forever. But we recognize that as mothers often we are too lazy to fight for everything and prioritize studies, teeth, order … And the food is always left behind because if you do not eat a thing, and eat another.

Is it important to create a weekly menu for children? How does it help?

Actually, creating a weekly menu is basic to control what you really eat. If we do not, we are not aware of what we eat or what we feed.

Lack of time: parents do not have time before. Now they both work, the mother comes home late.

Lack of motivation: the mother is late and tired; then, make a meal not only work but also gives him no thanks, and above must be discussed with the family that eats fish, vegetables, fruit. Instead the cooked food does not work and nobody argues.

Lack of physical activity: children play at the arcades, big cities make the children can not go out alone into the street to play football. They are very much at home.

Lack of consistency in food education.

-Excessive Offer: food supply so we did not before. To eat fries had to peel, cut and fry in skillet; however, now a freezer bag is taken, put them in the fryer, and ready.

‘A is cheaper than fresh fruit.

‘A pizza is cheaper than vegetables and does not work (there are lots of prepared food in supermarkets).

-For Eat sweet before you had to cook it (cookies, cakes), or they were very expensive. Now there are very sweet, very cheap.

-And many children do not eat accompanied with water.

-The treats are very cheap and are everywhere. They buy parents, grandparents, children … They are everyday consumer! Before they were expensive and not adults bought both


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