Health Insurance Individual

Private health insurance is, after a wage increase, one of the benefits most valued by employees of any company. Studies and surveys support this statement and the latest data seem to confirm this. According to ICEA, group health insurance grow more than the individual.

Health Insurance Individual Specifically, in the first nine months of last year the volume of premiums in the health totaled 5.086 million euros, representing a 3.25% growth. Of the total, 72.7% are individual policies, an increase of 1.8%, while collective account for the remaining 27.3%, but the increase was much higher, reaching 7.3%.

As for the number of policyholders at the end of the third quarter, health insurance had just over 10.4 million customers, of which 70.1% are individual policies and the remaining 29.9% of collective.

In summary, the individual insurance represent 72.7% of revenue but only 70.1% of the insured, which means a delay of 2.6 points, while the collective accounting for 27.3% of revenue and 29.9% of the insured.

By types, health care is 67.2% for individual policyholders and 73.9% of the premiums; reimbursement 47.9% and 53.4% respectively; and allowances and 95.5% and 94.6%.


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