The Best Beauty Treatment

After many studies it appears that dermatologists agree that perhaps the best beauty treatment for women (and I guess for men) is in fact also wash your face with soap and water, and do it at least twice a day.
Apparently nothing will serve us creams, vitamin treatments, facelifts or, if we have the habit of leaving your skin perfectly clean but do not use makeup.

     The Best Beauty Treatment To do this, nothing better to wash your face both morning and night, and especially in this second time as it is during sleep when the pores of our skin are free and rested all that are impurities both makeup and contamination.
It seems so simple being able to get a flawless complexion, but the truth is that we have to perform a ritual at the time of washing the face, considering that it is important that we use both soap and water temperature, and even the towel with let’s dry and how we do it.

How well do a facelift:

The best water temperature for washing your face, be warm as this way we prevent the skin from drying out cold. Anyway dermatologists recommend that after washing the face, we know a final pass with cold water to close pores.
The soap is another factor to consider since although neutral, with a pH as our skin, are the ideals, the truth is that before buying one of these soaps must we consider if our skin is oily (and for which we need a low PH soap) or if you suffer from acne problems (so we will have to use soap recommended by our dermatologist).
For the amount of soap we have to say that about the size of a coin will be enough and it is recommended that we extend in a circular motion with his hands (although some women prefer to do with wipes).
Must we make a gentle massage, avoiding the soap between the eyes and above all do not we push a lot and thus will not harm the skin with acne problems.
Finally is the drying of the face and for that we use a towel that is free of bacteria, also do not have to rub gently but we must do it (I always recommend to do it with small dabs) and can even dry a bit and then air.
Finally, we should add that if you want to apply a moisturizer after washing your face is advisable to wait at least 15 minutes and avoid skin irritations.


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