Health And Nutrition For Kids

Whether on holiday or long weekends is common to neglect good eating habits. For this reason to enjoy a fun plan involving healthy food and especially for the Children’s Day is a good idea to decide together (parents and children) the “special” menu for those days in the house and take them to the supermarket with a list to make purchases.

In that sense, to make healthy food choices a habit for kids, the key is to use some of your favorite ingredients along with other new or do not like them much. For example, preparing burgers with chopped broccoli, breaded with almond flour or bran, or a chicken “crispy” using whole grains, golden chips or baked sweet potato instead of potato chips.

Also, look for new entertainment options outside the cinema or take them to eat at any fast food. One idea is a picnic either somewhere sunny outside the city, in a club or park, or even in the garden of the house. We can use our creativity preparing healthy sandwiches and cutting them into fun shapes such as star or heart using large cookie cutters.

No less your favorite foods and mix it with healthy foods. Prepare a healthier but still delicious version of their favorite snacks is another way to make them feel special and not to deprive them of all tastes. These are the recommendations of Dr.. Anunziata Morris, Herbalife team nutritionist.


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